Du Tonc: “Every Song”

Du Tonc: “Every Song”

It’s been over a year since we’ve heard anything new from our beloved Du Tonc, the dynamic duo of London disco maestro Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie (of Van She fame). And now they’re finally back in action with their glorious new single “Every Song”, which marks the pair’s debut release on Eskimo Recordings. Filled with disco-tinged synths, delicate guitar licks and bright melodies, “Every Song” finds Du Tonc effortlessly showcasing their unmistakable style once again. It’s a perfect song for driving with the windows rolled down. Needless to say, it was well worth the wait.

“It was a labour of love”, they say. “We kept coming back to it, leaving it, coming back to it for a year. But despite this we never got tired of listening to it. That’s when we realised it was something special to us and had a timeless feeling to it. Just like “Darkness” and “Surging Memories”, it’s full of emotion and power.”

Du Tonc’s new single “Every Song” is out now via Eskimo Recordings. Buy it here.

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