Du Tonc: “Island”

Du Tonc: “Island”

While their gorgeous dub version of “Surging Memories”, specially made for our latest “Late Summer Compilation”, is on repeat mode in our car stereo, our beloved Du Tonc, the power duo of Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie (of Van She fame), return with their fourth single of the year. Here’s the dreamy and emotive “Island”, a great track with hazy guitars and Matt Van Schie’s haunting vocals that has a melancholic feel to it. Let’s float away.

Give the track “Island” a spin above, and make sure to grab their dub version of their second single “Surging Memories” for free below. The single “Island” will drop on October 14th via Du Tonc’s own label, Nightfilm.

mpFree: Du Tonc: “Surging Memories” (Dub)


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