Aimes: “We Are Eternal”

Aimes: “We Are Eternal”

Brooklyn-based producer Aman Ellis, aka Aimes, has returned with his new EP “A Star… In The Sky” of chugging acid-tinged left-field techno via his own label Wonder Stories. The record features two original tracks and some fine remixes by the likes of Hardway Bros, Massimiliano Pagliari, Que Sakamoto & NT, and Aimes himself. On this new EP we find Aimes taking things in a slightly different direction musically than usual, delivering some quality tunes with a more psychedelic, acid, sluggish sound. Here we have Aimes’ second original track from the EP, “We Are Eternal”. It’s a six-minute acid burner of pulsing bass and bubbling acid lines that reiterates the eternalness of humanity. Blast it below.

The “A Star… In The Sky” EP is out now via Wonder Stories. Pick up your 12” here.


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