Divine Interface: “So Fine”

Divine Interface: “So Fine”

Atlanta-based Drew Briggs, aka Divine Interface, is the latest addition to the 2MR family. A fixture in Atlanta’s DJ scene by night and an employee of a sex furniture distributor by day, Briggs just dropped his first single for the label, the addictive late-night gem “So Fine”.

Though he’s spent the better part of his adult life in the local scene, Briggs only recently began recording under the name Divine Interface, chosen for the otherworldly sense of communion he felt when making and sharing music. It was under this moniker that he began using his own vocals on his tracks, and crafting the kind of dynamic party grooves that can only be made by someone who’s spent years attending them.

His last solo EP, 2017’s “Precious Cargo”, demonstrated his talent for making dance floor bangers and after-party hits alike. Three years later, he’s concocted a perfect fusion of the two: “So Fine” is a concentration of Precious Cargo’s best moments, with a dose of sentimentality that suggests more to come. Get your fill of “So fine” above, and watch the video for the track, directed by Randall Ruiz and Drew Briggs.

The single “So Fine” is out now via 2MR. Buy it here.


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