Chinaski & Lauer: “City Galerie”

Chinaski & Lauer: “City Galerie”

Chinaski drops his new single in collaboration with German maestro Lauer. 

Frankfurt-based producer, renowned visual artist and Robert Johnson resident Stefan Haag, better known as Chinaski, returns with his first single of the year “City Galerie”, a great tune in collaboration with the very true hero Lauer

People haven’t even had a chance to realise that 2021 will be just as weird for the first six months and Rostock’s finest producer Stefan Haag, aka Chinaski, aka S-F-X, and fellow Germman maestro Philipp Lauer already crossed their beams to shed some light into corona-tristesse. The track “City Galerie” is a tribute to a mall in the north Bavarian town of Aschaffenburg, where Lauer bought his first LPs. With “City Galerie 1”, Chinaski has created a perfectly crafted tune with masterful synth work.

Straight up brutalo futuristic architecture. Artwork comes in courtesy of living legend Michael Satter.

The single “City Galerie” is out now.

Pick up your copy here.


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