Brian Ring: “Let There Be Light” Mixtape

Brian Ring
“Let There Be Light” Mixtape

A special Guest Mix that joined the dots of many lounge sets.

The prolific Irish-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Brian Ring is someone we’ve been following for quite some time now. He now celebrates the end of a rather busy year with his “Let There Be Light” mixtape. It’s a sublime 60-minute mix of some of his favorite slow groovers. Slow and steady wins the race.

In his own words: “During a time when downtempo rooms were just as important as the main room floor I’ve always collected slower records which was an addition to the more club ready 12inchs of the time, records between 98-108bpm. Stuff from Loose Ends to Joyce Sims to Lalomie Washburn to 52nd Street to I Level. Music that joined the dots of many lounge sets back in Ireland. Last summer I picked out some personal favorites and recorded a mix. “Let There Be Light” finally sees the light of day, presented by the good people at LAGASTA.”

Stream the “Let There Be Light” mixtape, exclusively on LAGASTA.


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