Bouffant Bouffant: “Déclencheur”

Bouffant Bouffant: “Déclencheur”

On the one hand it’s hard when you have to choose your favorite track in a EP (and even harder when it comes to LPs). On the other hand it’s really pleasant and satisfying when your ears are fueled with lots of good music. And Bouffant Bouffant creates good, truly good music.

Our beloved Brett LaBauve is a DJ, Producer, and party starter based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s the man behind long running queer party Gimme A Reason, 1/3 of the rave collective Trax Only, and spends an extensive amount of time in New York City where he is 1/2 of the DJ duo Babygirl. And he makes people’s bodies and souls dance. At the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown he started a new project wishing to “create a dreamy soundscape or “imaginary space” while still being rooted in my dance-floor driven sensibilities”, as he says. He did it. His debut 3-track EP “Espace Imaginaire” is here and it’s beautiful; and feels esoteric. All three tracks.

We chose our favorite though, cause in the end there’s always one. “Déclencheur” is the absolute atmospheric ride. Breaks meet with dreamy, ethereal melodies and diverse synths, each one of which has their own character. The sequence of the sounds is brilliant. The feelings are mixed; you want to close your eyes and simply get lost in your thoughts, yet you want to move to its solid beat. We propose to jump in your car, put the track on repeat, and enjoy a fantastic ride.

Get Bouffant Bouffant’s EP “Espace Imaginaire” here.


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