Bicep: “Saku” (feat. Clara La San) Video

Bicep: “Saku” (feat. Clara La San) Video

A story about teenagehood and emancipation. 

Directed by David Bertram.

With their second album “Isles” just around the corner, Belfast-born, London-based duo Bicep have shared the dizzying visuals for their latest single “Saku”, which features Clara La San’s honey-sweet vocals. Shot in a single-take, the video was directed by David Bertram of the Paris-based creative production company Diplomats.

“Having a music video take on an intimate story was appealing to me. The female voice of Clara La San naturally led me to tell the story of a girl. A father-daughter relationship, a story about teenagehood and emancipation, and the guilt it engenders. My wish was to visually symbolise this guilt, as a real trap: the girl can’t manage to leave her doorstep, until her father saves her by understanding her mindset, bringing us to a resolution that we all wanted, deep and moving,” he says.

The “Isles” LP drops on January 22 via Ninja Tune. Pre-order it here.


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