Aera: “Jack Leather”

Aera: “Jack Leather”

A sublime beauty of a slow burner from elusive Berlin producer Aera.

Aera returns with a great new EP on his own imprint Applied Magic.

The last time we’ve heard from Berlin-based DJ and producer Ralf Schmidt, aka Aera, was just last month, when he dropped a new track called “Shallows” for Innervisions’ “Limbo” compilation, selected by Dixon and Âme. Now, he’s back with a great new EP of two quality much-requested tracks, “Jack Leather” and “Devil’s Gap”. The record also marks the third release on his own imprint Applied Magic.

Our favourite cut from the release is “Jack Leather”, a seven-minute track that showcases Aera’s vivid vision and incredible production skills. Filled with mesmerizing melodic lines and Aera’s trademark arpeggios, “Jack Leather” is a sublime beauty of a slow burner. Just perfect for immersive headphone listens.

The EP comes complete with a Andalusian-inspired remix of “Jack Leather” filled with cosmic desert vibes by wunderkind Jesse Trinidad, a pivotal figure in the local scene in his hometown Gibraltar.

“Jack Leather / Devil’s Gap” is out now via Applied Magic.

Get it here.


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