A Track A Day: James Curd

A Track A Day: James Curd

With the current circumstances and the turbulent times all over the globe, we asked our friends to choose a favourite track or an album for these weird days, and share it with us along with a photo. A track a day keeps the bad vibes away.

Today we welcome our beloved producer and DJ James Curd. Originally from Chicago, he now calls Australia home, or as he will tell you, the land of sharks, free healthcare but slow internet. Curd is a self professed synth collector, old die hard skateboarder, lover of basketball and burger connoisseur. As they say, you can take the boy out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the boy. Releasing stellar solo tracks, remixing and work under various band names including “Greenskeepers” and “Favored Nations”, Curd has toured the world all over. His music has also been featured in a comprensive list of music compilations, on TV, and in film and video games. James Curd shares with us one of his favourite tunes, Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen’s “Forever Monna”.

In his own words: “This is the track that embodied my childhood and inspired me to DJ and make music. I heard it at loft parties in Chicago but I could never find it at the record shops. My friend Terry Martin went as far to ask for the DAT so I could get a copy. Then one night Diz was playing at a loft party that had a half pipe in it. I was skating and he played this song. When he was finished I went up to him and said I would give him all the money In my pocket for that record. He was so nice he just gave it to me. We have been friends ever since. Did a label ‘ Igloo’ together. And now it’s come full circle. My hero Chez. I’ve given him a new song to do vocals on…”


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