[Premiere] Polygrains: “There’s No Such Thing As Poetry”

January 22nd, 2019

After two years, Polygrains, aka Vasilis Moschas, returns with a new album, entitled “Future Endeavours”. Vasilis, who was born in Greece and currently lives and works in London, is a musician, a singer, a songwriter and a producer. As Polygrains, he eclectically blends beats, bleeps and shrieks, driving you to techno, house, electronica and pop paths. Speaking of his nine-track record, Vasilis says: “The album’s concept touches on failure. Failure is a bitter feeling experienced by most artists. Failure is also inevitable in life, especially in a capitalist society, where the importance of success weighs heavily on its members. But it is also part of the creative process.”

Today, we’re delighted to premiere one of our favorite cuts from the album, the finely-crated tune “There’s No Such Thing As Poetry”. The track is a five-minute trip to mysterious fields. As you follow the dusky, underground beat, you dive deep into gloomy spaces, gradually facing more layers, such as melancholic synths, strong hi-hats and deep kicks which all together create a magnetic atmosphere. Blast it above, exclusively on LaGaSta.

“Failure often can be more rewarding than success. But there’s also Quentin Crisp’s view which says that ‘If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.’”

Polygrains’ album “Future Endeavours” arrives on 25th January. Pre-order it here.

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