[Premiere] BDHBTS: “Bad Habits (Curses Remix)”

November 12th, 2019

Words: Elice

Riders, it’s premiere time! Straight from Vilnius, Lithuania, here comes a new independent record label from Liudas Lazauska, aka Roe Deers, and Titas Motuzas, called “Good Skills”. The two friends and great musicians launch their new record label and, at the same time, they establish their fresh moniker BDHBTS by presenting the label’s first release, which includes two originals cuts and eight great remixes created by dear friends from all over the world. Our beloved Curses is one of them, doing once more what he does best; creating exciting music that emerges out of the disco darkness soundscapes.

Today, we’re psyched to premiere Curses’ remix for track “Bad Habits”. The New Yorker/Berlin based artist offers with his remix just the right amount of dirty, delivering a fantastic, gloomy 8-minute ride fueled by a blend of eerie sounds and absolutely amazing bass guitar cuts. Massively bass driven “Luca” darkness. Blast the track above!

BDHBTS’ EP drops on November 29th via Good Skills.

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