YACHT: “Works Like Magic”

YACHT: “Works Like Magic”

After dropping the single “Where Does This Disco?” just a few weeks ago, Los Angeles-based synth-dance duo YACHT are already back with “Works Like Magic”, another new track from their forthcoming EP on their brand-new label Downtown Records. “Works Like Magic”, the first song they’ve written with the band’s live members Jeffrey Brodsky and Rob “Bobby Birdman” Kieswetter, is an infectious funky tune that stays true to its name. It also featured in a Google Chromecast ad.

In YACHT’s own words: “The science fiction writer J.G. Ballard once said that “sex times technology equals the future.” We argue that sex and technology coexist in our present: we touch, we push buttons, we seek intimacy in screens. When we connect, it works like magic.” The “Where Does This Disco?” EP will arrive on November 11th via Downtown Records. Buy a copy of “Works Like Magic” here.

Stream: YACHT: “Where Does This Disco?”


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