World Champion: “Avocado Galaxy (Tornado Wallace’s Paradise Remix)”

World Champion: “Avocado Galaxy (Tornado Wallace’s Paradise Remix)”

Here we go. Tornado Wallace, one of Melbourne’s finest house producers, recently graced us with a stunning dub version of András & Oscar’s “Looking Back” that was featured our free “Late Summer” compilation Vol.5. Now, he’s back at it again, this time dropping a remix of “Avocado Galaxy”, the debut single by fellow Aussie duo World Champion. In the hands of Tornado Wallace, the psych-pop jam is transformed into an almost eight-minute house affair full of warm vibes. Just perfect! Stream his appropriately titled “Paradise” remix above, and grab a free download of the original track here.

World Champion’s “Avocado Galaxy” EP, which also features remixes by Swedish maestro Dan Lissvik and Ras G, will drop on October 23 via F​uture Classic. Pre-order it here.

Andras & Oscar” “Looking Back” [Tornado Wallace Dub]


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