Wilson Tanner: “Long Water”

Wilson Tanner: “Long Water”

Melbourne producer Andras Fox returns as A.R.T. Wilson for a new collaborative album, entitled “69”, with fellow Australian instrumentalist Eleventeen Eston, aka John Tanner. The eight-track ambient record, from beginning to end, sets the listener on a sonic journey into the heart of the horizontal. Setting up camp where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean, Wilson and Tanner tuned into nature, translating the warm sun, sea air and blue sky into a postcard from paradise. One of the standout cuts from the album is “Long Water” filled with gentle piano stabs, lush guitar licks, and utterly relaxed vibes. It’s a beauty of a tune.

The “69” LP is out now on Basso’s label, Growing Bin Records. Get it here.


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