Tjade: “Torus” EP

Tjade: “Torus” EP

Synth-laden grooves from outer-space. 

We first caught wind of Netherlands-based DJ and producer Tjade last year, when he dropped his much-played Bollywood-meets-Italo edit of “Koi Jaye” on Bordello A Parigi, shortly followed by equally club-ready edit of the Egyptian classic “Sahrany” on Dar Disku. Following the release of his first original track “Scintillate”, as part of Something Happening Somewhere’s “NOWHERE02” compilation, the Dutchman recently dropped his debut EP for Japanese imprint Mule Musiq. Entitled “Torus”, the record consists of four diverse electro original tracks that suit home listening as well as the dancefloor.

Inspired by space, the record finds Tjade diving into a darkwave electro territory, delivering a collection of finely crafted tracks filled with spacey synth waves and dark ethereal atmospheres. On the A-side you’ll find two heavy hitters that are meant for dimly lit dancefloors, whereas the B-side holds two collaborations with female vocalists, Romy and Juléa, that’s perfect for your late night excursions. Press play and let the time drift away.

The “Torus” EP is out now via Mule Musiq. Get it here.


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