The Zenmenn: “Homage To A Friendship” (feat. John Moods) Video

The Zenmenn: “Homage To A Friendship” (feat. John Moods) Video

The first single from the new band’s upcoming debut LP on Music From Memory.

Directed by Ben Anderson. 

The next release on the ever-excellent Music From Memory comes from a new band, The Zenmenn, with their first ever release “Enter The Zenmenn”. Whilst little about the band is made known their work is described by writer Winton Rousseau an “experiment in harmonic convergence” emerging from “a deep respect for cosmic symmetry” that won’t be swayed by the “morphic resonance of the Zeitgeist”.

The album’s fusion of different palettes colours tempos instruments and sources offer a harmonious balance and unity that already feels like the perfect soundtrack to a better world. Before it drops, we’re treated to the retro visuals of the record’s first single “Homage To A Friendship”, featuring vocals from John Moods, the solo project of Jonathan Jarzyna from the experimental Berlin pop band Fenster.

The “Enter The Zenmenn” LP arrives on April 12th via Music From Memory.

Pre-order it here. 


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