The Supermen Lovers: “Beats Of Love” (Altered Version)

The Supermen Lovers: “Beats Of Love” (Altered Version)

French producer Guillaume Atlan, aka The Supermen Lovers, will return later this month with a new remix album called “Alterations”. The 14-track album will collect his best remixes of the last two years, including his reworks for Donny Hathaway, New Order, S Express, Jupiter, Count Jackula, and more. The record also includes a superb “Altered Version” of Nacht Und Nebel’s 1983 hit single “Beats Of Love”, featuring lead vocals by Guillaume Atlan himself and Natty Fensie, which you can grab for free below. The Supermen Lovers’ “Alterations” will drop on November 17th via Latebwa/Word Up Records. You can preview the whole thing here.

Download it here for a limited time.

mpFree: Count Jackula: “Breakfast” [The Supermen Lovers Remix]


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