Sunday Drive #336

Sunday Drive #336

With a career that spans over two decades, veteran John Noseda is a well-known figure in DJ-booths and backstage areas across Belgium and beyond. Most recently he made his debut on Agoria’s Sapiens label with his stunning single “Our Time Will Come Again”, featuring vocals from Australian singer and songwriter Surahn. With its lush sunset chords and Balearic keys, “Our Time Will Come Again” is a deeply immersive house affair.

For LAGASTA’s “Late Summer” compilation Vol. 10 (Part II), John Noseda has contributed an exclusive unreleased version of Our Time Will Come Again”, an epic “cinematic sunset trip”. On his new version, Noseda slow things down, completely removes Surahn’s vocals and stretches out the original to over ten minutes long. The result is a thing of absolute euphoric beauty that feels like a sunset drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Glorious, cinematic and deeply emotive.

Grab a free download of LAGASTA’s “Late Summer” Compilation Vol.10 [Part II] here.


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