Sportsman: “Begin Again”

Sportsman: “Begin Again”

Swedes do it better. Stockholm-based musician Per Magnanimous, formerly of The Sonnets, returns under his Sportsman guise with this fragile cover of Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again”, which was produced by fellow Swedish producer and frequent collaborator HNNY. Give it a spin above, and drive slow.

In Sportsman’s own words: “I was in my car driving with HNNY. It was winter. We were on an island on the east coast of Sweden. We were listening to this song. I love Taylor and this is my favourite. It’s always being played like a film in front of me. I love that it takes place in a café and the story… Being kind of fucked over and saved by someone new. Johan [Cederberg, HNNY] said it sounds like a Sportsman song. He thought I should make a cover. What’s past is past.”

Stream: Flight Facilities: “Two Bodies” [HNNY Remix]


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