Poolside: “Can’t Stop Your Lovin’ (feat. Panama)” Video

Poolside: “Can’t Stop Your Lovin’ (feat. Panama)” Video



The most fully realized vision of Poolside yet.

Edited by Bill Heffley.

LA’s Poolside are back after 18 months touring with a super band comprised of drummer Vito Roccoforte (The Rapture), bassist-singer Mattie Safer (The Rapture), percussionist Brijean Murphy (Toro Y Moi, U.S. Girls) and saxophonist-keyboardist/multi Casey Butler (Pharaohs).

Their new single “Can’t Stop Your Lovin’” is a sun-kissed collaboration with Australian R&B singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Panama. It’s just yet another fine example of Poolside’s signature daytime disco sound. As Jeffrey Paradise says: “This represents the new high-water mark for Poolside as it combines all the special elements that make up a classic Poolside jam with a well-developed vocal courtesy of Panama,” and he continues: “‘Can’t Stop Your Lovin’’ is the most fully realized vision of Poolside yet and I hope that it finds a place in the soundtrack to your life.” Great vibes all round!

The single “Can’t Stop Your Lovin'” is out now on Pacific Standard Records. Buy it here.


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