Shan: “Stück 4”

Shan: “Stück 4”

Frankfurt producer Shan returns to Running Back with his fifth offering for Gerd Janson’s imprint, a peak-time ready EP, entitled “Tanzstuecke”, of retro-futurist goodness. The record, which follows 2018’s “Run Tings” EP, finds him in such fine form, delivering five tracks of his own unique style. Shan’s capabilities as a producer and upbringings as an 80ies kid twinkle like a stroboscope on “Tanzstuecke”.

The record’s opener “Stück 4” is a great ride from start to finish. This one was surprisingly mistaken as a Cutting Crew cover/sample since it first appeared in Gerd Janson’s DJ sets. Whatever it reminds you of, it’s ravey, romantic and rousing at the same time. The “Tanzstuecke” EP is out now on Running Back.

Get it here.


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