SebastiAn: “Movement” Video

SebastiAn: “Movement” Video

A wicked video inspired by the myth of Narcissus. 

Directed by Arnaud Deroudilhe.

Starring Khadyak.

French artist and producer SebastiAn celebrates the one year anniversary of his sophomore album “Thirst” by revealing the video for one of the record’s standout tracks “Movement”. Directed by Arnaud Deroudilhe, the video tells the story of a woman in an apartment that looks like an abandoned hotel worthy of “The Shining”, all alone with her demons, facing herself in the mirror, leading to madness. It’s also an interpretation of these times in Covid lockdown.

Speaking about the video, Arnaud Deroudihle (collaborator of Kaytranada, Tinashe, Busy P, Breakbot, Teki Latex or PNL) says: “The clip is inspired by the myth of Narcissus and transposes it into a more contemporary version. Self-contemplation is not a new thing, but social networks have created a new relationship with others and with oneself. They are often used in a very egocentric way as a kind of existential self-promotion in which each has thirst for recognition. This self-love leads to slowly killing us. As with Narcissus, the obsession with our own image individualizes us, cuts us off from any real connection with others, and therefore in the long term, with ourselves. We shot the clip a few days before the first confinement, the idea of ​​the camera was originally a desire to focus all the attention on our character, it took on a new dimension with the events that followed and marked this year 2020.”

The album “Thirst”, a follow up to SebastiAn’s 2011 debut LP “Total”, is out now via Ed Banger Records/Because Music. Get it here.


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