Ross From Friends: “Epiphany” Video

Ross From Friends: “Epiphany” Video

Ross From Friends has shared a great video for “Epiphany”, the title track of his new EP on Brainfeeder. For this track, he drew inspiration from sci-fi movies. “I was watching a bunch of these films like The Thirteenth Floor, The Matrix (happy 20th anniversary) or Fifth Element, and I wanted the release to play on the idea of a desolate physical and social landscape becoming a utopia from a communal epiphany – or revolution”.

The “Epiphany” video builds on these sentiments as director Theo Nunn (Lisbon Studio) explains: “‘Epiphany’ guides the viewer on a breadcrumb trail to collective transcendence. Through our journey we follow the traces that chart the transformation of a culture, it’s abandoning of scientific conventional progress and the evolution of a musical enlightenment and psychedelic renaissance.”

Recorded in the wake of the release of “Family Portrait” and constructed with the dancefloor at the forefront of his mind, the three tracks assembled on “Epiphany” 12” are sleeker and tougher than his acclaimed debut album but his signature warmth and personality is ever present.

The “Epiphany” EP is out now. Get it here.


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