Róisín Murphy: “Something More” Video

Róisín Murphy: “Something More” Video


Live Performance – Ibiza Lockdown

Directed by Roisin Murphy.

Following on from her amazingly inventive “At home” video series that she released over lockdown, Irish disco queen Róisín Murphy has shared the ingenious video for her gorgeous new single “Something More”, taken from her upcoming fifth album “Róisín Machine”. It’s “all back to mine” once more but this time in ibiza. The camera is moving now and follows her as she wanders the splendour of an empty Italianate villa before quite literally ending, as Hockney would have it, with a big splash.

In Murphy’s own words: “My Irish friends often jeer me and say “Oh sure you know Murphy is Italian, aren’t you though Murphy Italiano and all? “. Well who’s laughing now? I couldn’t be more Italian 70s TV segment, feckin multo Classico! Here I am in splendid isolation, in Sebastiano‘s house. A house that is almost part of nature, a near ruin of postmodernity. The pool where Robert Owens learned to swim. Where the amazing track Tomorrow Can Wait was recorded and if I listen to it there I always cry. The house that Baxter Dury moved into with his band to make the seminal HAPPY SOUP. A house of countless parties, after parties and after that parties. The house where I spent month after month lying around pregnant lulled by the song of the cicadas into occasionally recording a song myself, such as Altermate State with Jamie Jones along with a handful more, in the studio there.”

“After the lockdown this summer I got to spend a week completely alone there and fell even deeper in love with the place, I’d forgotten how much I need time alone, perhaps that’s the greatest luxury of all and really is ‘something more’?”

The album “Róisín Machine” drops on October 2nd via Skint/BMG. Pre-order it here.


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