Desire: “Zeros” Video

Desire: “Zeros” Video

“…Falling like a feather…Never touch the floor…”

Starring Megan Louise & Soo joo Park.
Directed By Kirill Nong.

While we’re patiently waiting for their second studio album “Escape” to drop, Montreal’s Desire have shared a beautifully shot video for their new single “Zeros”, a nighttime driving affair. The band’s 11-track new LP, their first album in 11 years since 2009’s debut “II”, is expected to arrive later this year.

Desire say of the new track, “As the calendar pages fly by, we are all reaching for a new normal on what sometimes feels like an endless loop. The cyclical music echoes flashback sequences of a recurring dream, chanting “Falling like a feather…Never touch the floor”. We sampled the incessant strikes of a grandfather clock, stopwatches, & digital alarm clocks to keep the time. From sunrise to sunset, every single day is adding up…”

The single “Zeros” is out now via Italians Do It Better.

Get it here.


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