Rex The Dog: “Sicko”

Rex The Dog: “Sicko”

Rex The Dog, aka British dance producer/DJ Jake Williams and his four-legged friend Rex, has finally found his way back home to Kompakt. His new offering for Cologne’s long-standing label, a 12” called “Sicko”, finds Rex The Dog in such fine form delivering two killer tunes. “This is the first EP using our new modular synth. The title track is “Sicko” which uses the RTD-001 sampler; we built this ourselves and it only sometimes works,” he explains.

Before it drops next week, you can listen to the A-side’s title track, the infectious and bouncy “Sicko”. It’s a “raw, pounding cut-up fest that builds a scary amount of tension just with a few distinct elements.” Rex The Dog’s “Sicko” EP will arrive on March 2 on Kompakt. Pre-order your 12” here. Update: Below, you can watch the video for “Sicko”.

Rex The Dog: “Do You Feel What I Feel” (feat. Jamie McDermott)


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