Twiggy Lashes: “I’m Slipping On Everything”

Twiggy Lashes: “I’m Slipping On Everything”

Australian producer Jad Lee, also known as a member of the disco-pop outfit Mitzi, has been keeping fairly busy lately crafting quality house tunes under his Jad & The Ladyboy moniker. His latest offerings, the three-track EP “Step In My Direction”, his debut release for Exploited, and the infectious house jam “No Turning Back” on Retrofit, along with the help of Dublin-born, Amsterdam-based vocalist/producer Stee Downes, are truly impressive.

Now, Jad Lee returns to our ears with something a bit different, a bunch of new tracks from Twiggy Lashes, his collaborative project with Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Sami Freeman. The lazy electronic pop of Twiggy Lashes first caught our attention last year with the beautifully, chilled-out track “Beside Me”. Here’s a superb new track called “I’m Slipping On Everything” for your listening pleasure.

Grab it for free and head over to the duo’s Soundcloud page to hear a few more new tracks. Below, you can also revisit Jad & The Ladyboy’s “Step In My Direction” that has been on repeat on our car stereo for a while now. It’s so damn good!

Download here

mpFree: Twiggy Lashes: “Beside Me”


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