Relish 3

Relish 3

We’re big fans of Headman’s Relish Recordings, so we’re really excited about the label’s new compilation. “Relish 3” has been constructed out of new tracks very much in the guise of an album and it highlights the label’s new artists that have been unearthed this year: JR Seaton, Andreas Esu, Hannalelauri, Daniel Avery (Stopmakingme), International, and Montevideo. This great 11-track compilation is finally out and it also contains Headman’s new single “Be Loved”. We already posted Hannulelauri’s great new tune “Europa”, and now you can grab the dub version of track for free below. Get Involved!

Hannulelauri: Europa (Dub)

Download it here

Preview the full release here, and then buy your copy here.


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