Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33’s: “I Stand Alone”

Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33’s: “I Stand Alone”

The new release on No Dice Edits comes from the one and only Justin Robertson. After his recent collaboration with Stopmakingme’s Daniel Avery, he just dropped a new batch of edits under his Deadstock 33’s moniker. For these four new edits, Justin Robertson has trawled through his collection of rare and obscure music and made some really beautiful dancefloor edits. Preview the release here, and take a listen to his edit of Agnetha Fältskog’s song “I Stand Alone” below. We love it. Dive in and enjoy!

[audio: http://lastgasstation.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/i-stand-alone.mp3|leftbg=0xff022f|rightbg=0x00ff01|lefticon=FFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loader=0xFFFFFF|border=0x00ff01]Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33’s: “I Stand Alone”

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