Red Axes: “Sticks & Stones” (feat. Adi Bronicki) Video

Red Axes: “Sticks & Stones” (feat. Adi Bronicki) Video


“Created and shot a while ago, but feels more relevant then ever…”

Directed by Sergei Rostropovich.

This year marks the tenth of collaboration for Red Axes, the Tel Aviv-based duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi. Informed by post-punk, new wave, and a plethora of club sounds old and new, they have cleaved a singular path with their hefty discography. To celebrate their anniversary, they reunite with Dark Entries for an eponymous 11 track LP brimming with jagged guitars, spacy arpeggios, and hypnotic vocals. The “Red Axes” album will drop on May 8th via Dark Entries Records.

Although Sadovnik and Arzi have previously released LPs on I’m A Cliche and Garzen Records, Red Axes is their first effort written and conceived of as an album-length listening experience. This work flows effortlessly through a variety of stylistic detours, highlighting their ears as both keen listeners and skilled DJs. Before it drops, we’re treated to the record’s great first single “Sticks & Stones”, featuring Adi Bronicki, which comes hand-in-hand with a wicked video. As they say: “Created and shot a while ago, but feels more relevant then ever. Weird times, but music, art and life got to keep on moving”.”

Pre-order the “Red Axes” LP here.


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