Premiere | Younger Than Me: “Mezcal Trance”


Younger Than Me: “Mezcal Trance”

The Milanese duo drops a seven-minute heavily-fueled-with-90’s bomb!

The rave-inspired 90’s Wax, a sub-label of Tusk Wax, takes its premiere ride here at LAGASTA and we’re joyfully vrooming together with Younger Than Me. Our beloved Milanese duo of Marcello Carozzi and Francesco Mingrino is getting ready to drop their new four-track 12”, which marks the pair’s third offering for 90’s Wax.

The label name says it almost all; the enthusiasm comes from the 90’s rave movement. And Younger Than Me are children of that movement always paying tribute to the old rave party sound with their releases. But what makes their sound even more recognizable it their talent to freshen tunes up. They have managed to build a unique intersection of past and recent Europe uplifting club sounds. And shake the dance floors as well.

Today we are psyched to premiere the B-side’s vigorous first track of the 12”, called “Mezcal Trance”, a seven-minute heavily-fueled-with-90’s tune! Yet so up-to-date and surely “forces” you to dance; a Younger Than Me classic. From the off the straight beat grabs its position being accompanied by space echoes, sharp and various 90’s synth sounds. At around 2.50 you can take a rest and feel the euphoria until the snare gets back to you setting fire to your head cells. And after riding amongst the wonderfully chaotic rave reality you come across these rhythmic arpeggios layered by atmospheric pads and then here comes the beat and the snare again. Allow yourself a dance and blast the track above!

Here’s a story behind the name of the track: “Mezcal Trance” was born after a gig in Mexico as part of Younger Than Me’s recent tour. After a closing set with some epic trance tracks at Kin Kin in Guadalajara. Drinking mezcal with the guys of the club.

Younger Than Me’s “90’s Wax 3”, which also features a collaborative track with Norwegian producer Skatebård, drops on April 17th.

Pre-order it here.


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