[Premiere] Indian Summer: “Pin Tweaks”

[Premiere] Indian Summer: “Pin Tweaks”

Melbourne-based duo Indian Summer, one of the most exciting duo’s to come out of Australia, return to Sweat It Out with another strong effort, the two-track EP “Aged Care”. With this release, the electronic duo of Gabe Gleeson and Chevy Long seems to have no trouble keeping their momentum up after the great tunes “No Use” and “Foreign Formula” from last year.

Today, we’re excited to premiere the single’s b-side cut, “Pin Tweaks”, a heavy-hitting slice of electro-house with dark, intense beats. While the a-side “Aged Care” is more soulful, house-oriented affair with the help of SAFIA’s Benjamin Joseph on vocals, “Pin Tweaks” has a very different vibe. It’s a banger right from the start, enough to rattle the windows of your neighbour’s house. Give a spin above, exclusively on La.Ga.Sta.

Indian Summer’s “Aged Care”/”Pin Tweaks” is out now via Sweat It Out Music! Get it here.

mpFree: Indian Summer: “No Use”


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