Poom: “De la vitesse à l’ivresse”

Poom: “De la vitesse à l’ivresse”

Poom, the Parisian duo of Camille Ferrera and Siegfried De Turckheim, first caught our ear last year with their superb track “Les Voiles”. Now, they’re back with their new single called “De la vitesse à l’ivresse”, a dreamy slice of electro-pop sung in French. The track “De la vitesse à l’ivresse” is the opening track from Yuksek’s label Partyfine new compilation, “Partyfine Vol.2”, which will drop on June 22. The 12-track collection also features new tracks from Yuksek, Juveniles, Clarens, Jean Tonique, Villa, YesYou, and more.

Pre-order the “Partyfine Vol.2” compilation here.

Poom: “Les Voiles”


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