Tomas Barfod: “Broken Glass”

Tomas Barfod: “Broken Glass”

Last month, Denmark’s Tomas Barfod, the drummer for WhoMadeWho, released the EP “Broken Glass” on the Los Angeles label Friends Of Friends. The dreamy and emotive title track has been stuck in our heads for the past few days. It’s so damn good. If you haven’t done it already, do yourself a favor and grab the tune “Broken Glass” for free below. This track will also appear on his upcoming debut solo album, entitled “Salton Sea”, which is set for release on May 21. It features guest appearances by Jeppe Kjellberg (WhoMadeWho), Swedish vocalist Nina Kinert, and NYC film composer Lydia Ainsworth. Expect more remixes by Mark E, Salva, and Suzanne Kraft.

Download here


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