Pixies: “Monkey Gone To Heaven (Du Tonc Rework)”

Pixies: “Monkey Gone To Heaven (Du Tonc Rework)”

Fresh off the release of their single “Animals” on Eskimo Recordings, Du Tonc are already back with a superb rework of the Pixies’ 1989 classic track “Monkey Gone To Heaven”. This rework finds the duo of London producer Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie (of Van She fame) delivering a bright, melodious slice of disco-tinged pop with dreamy synths and Balearic guitar licks. You can now grab it for absolutely free below.

In their own words: “We wanted to do something different, we’ve only been working on original music so far so wanted to take some tracks we love and put a different spin on them. We don’t think this could be anymore different to the original.”

Download here

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