Piewan: “Couldn’t Be A Dream”

Piewan: “Couldn’t Be A Dream”

K.BHTA drops surprise mini-album under his new Piewan alias.

A sublime record of ambient soundscapes and emotive textures.

Melbourne born, Athens-based electronic musician and composer Konstantinos Vita, aka K.BHTA, has returned with a new mini-album titled “Couldn’t Be A Dream” under his new Piewan alias. The record includes eleven tracks which was recorded between 2018 and 2020 with old equipment, synths and electric guitars. The result is a sublime record of ambient soundscapes that’s easy to get lost in.

Low tones, sine waves and ripples run through the compositions, and it feels like many of the pieces are out of tempo. There are exceptions such as “Cruising” and “Bus Rain Delay” which are the only rhythm tracks, the first sounds as an early Detroit house and the second as if it came out of the ’80s. Everything is in a constant change, as if trying to clarify through their movement an absence, a sense that these sounds won’t dissipate, but will glower on indefinitely like the photo on the cover. Eleven tracks that wear off pretty quickly but they challenge you to go back to them.

Stream the whole thing below.

Pick up your copy here.


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