Pierre Rousseau: “Paris”

Pierre Rousseau: “Paris”

Pierre Rousseau, better known as one half of Parisian duo Paradis, lands on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space label with his debut solo offering, a six-track EP entitlted “Musique Sans Paroles”. Breezing between earnest orchestration and radiant dance tracks, “Musique Sans Paroles” represents a return to Rousseau’s creative fountainhead; the influences, the instruments, and the city at the doorway of the artist’s origin story reopened.

The EP includes contributions from additional people and places: the opening title track features a short vocal recording by Mana Haraguchi introducing the record, and field recordings from the streets of Paris and Tokyo. “Pastorale” features a drone improvised by sound engineer Kazuyuki ‘Zak’ Matsumura on his EMS Synthi at his Studio St-Robo. “Musique Sans Paroles” marks the first of three releases on the way from Rousseau in 2020.

Director Joseph Bird collaborated with Rousseau on six “photographs with a pulse,” a series of visual stills with subtle emotional motives, for each of the songs on Musique. Get your fill of the superb track “Paris”, the first extract from “Musique Sans Paroles”, below.

The “Musique Sans Paroles” EP will drop on March 27th via Beats In Space Records.

Pre-order it here.


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