Mike Simonetti: “Nothing’s Better Sometimes”

Mike Simonetti

 “Nothing’s Better Sometimes”


A Mixtape for LAGASTA

A new LAGASTA mixtape is here to make your day better. This time our beloved New Jersey-based producer and DJ Mike Simonetti, co-founder of 2MR Records and one half of Pale Blue, delivers the goods, a sublime mixtape, entitled “Nothing’s Better Sometimes”.

This 60-minute mix is perfect for mellow evenings, late night rides and everything in between. Expect some serious house goodness, deep grooves and plenty of driving rhythms packed into one thrilling ride. Get your fill of Mike Simonetti’s mixtape for LAGASTA and ride with us.


01. James Blake – When The Party’s Over (Billie Eilish cover)
02. Leafar Legov – Alone (Giegling 2019)
03. Mike Simonetti – Birth (UNRELEASED)
04. Ivory – Dreamers (Innervisions)
05. Reznik & Mikesh – The Moon Landing Was A Hoax -Area 51 infinite Mix (2MR)
06. Park Hye Jin – I Don’t Care (clip.art)
07. Pale Blue – Dive (Rebolledo’s Distant And Disonnected Mix) – 2MR (UNRELEASED)
08. Tom Trago – Hidden Heart Of Gold (Voyage Direct)
09. Lawrence – Spark (Ghostly International)
10. Apex Twin – Nanou2 (Warp)


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