Mike Simonetti: “Indoor Life”

Mike Simonetti: “Indoor Life”

An hour-long film about isolation during COVID-19.

“Quarantine is indeed lonely, but it can also be funny, ridiculous, and boring.”

New Jersey’s Mike Simonetti great new album “Indoor Life” full of songs about whatever or whoever you call Home is accompanied by an hour-long film with the record as the soundtrack. In order to put together this film, Mike Simonetti asked his friends to send him short videos of them doing mundane day to day quarantine-type things. And the result is something really special.

In his own words: “Indoor Life was conceived during the early days of the Covid quarantine in May. The idea was to ask some of my friends to film themselves doing mundane quarantine activities, and I would make a soundtrack. I wrote and recorded the music over a few marathon days in May. During the editing of this film, my father fell ill and was hospitalized. Because of the Covid epidemic, we were unable to visit him in hospital. He remained in the hospital for almost a month, and was then transferred to a nursing home. Throughout all of that time we were still unable to visit him. His condition rapidly deteriorated, and he was placed in hospice care. Almost 5 weeks later, we were finally allowed to visit him during his final day of life. He was unconscious and in a vegetative state. Though he did not die directly of Covid related symptoms, he was made to die and suffer alone because of the Covid hospital restrictions. Me and my family were directly effected by Covid, as was my father. The long term effects of this disease will be felt for years and generations to come. The release of this movie marks one of the most signifigant moments of my life. The death of a parent is something you always prepare for, but I never could have imagined ti to be under these circumstances. Thanks for watching/listening.”

The “Indoor Life” album is out now via 2MR. Buy it here.


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