Marske: “He Don’t”

Marske: “He Don’t”

“Welcome to Marske. It’s not for everyone”

Say hello to Marske, the new project of Patrick Duffy, a spoken word performer, musician and visual artist originally from the North East of England. Marske, who’s also the name of a town in the North East, is getting ready to drop his debut album, entitled “Swell”, on November 27th via Me Me Me. The ten-track record was co-written and produced with fellow North Eastern music maker and Me Me Me label boos Man Power.

The album “Swell” was conceived as a series of spoken word experiments recorded by Patrick Duffy, aka Marske, on his phone. The project began to coalesce after Patrick sent these experiments to his friend Geoff Kirkwood, aka Man Power. Geoff was so taken by the work that he offered to help Patrick write and produce an album. “Swell” is the product of two years of correspondence and one week of production in Blast Studios in Newcastle, with the vocals all taken from the original voice memos.

Swinging from poignant self reflection to wry social commentary and laugh out loud midlife malaise, “Swell” is a weird record that sits somewhere central in a Venn diagram featuring The streets, Throbbing Gristle, Sleaford Mods, John Cooper Clark and Underworld. It’s a coming of (middle) age album that sees two established creators working together at their idiosyncratic best to create something as honest as it is unique.

Before it drops, we’re treated to the record’s great first single “He Don’t”, which arrives with some ace visuals. This video was also created by MARSKE himself.

The “Swell” LP will arrive digitally and as a special limited edition 12″ record featuring a gatefold sleeve designed by Marske on November 27th via Me Me Me.

Pre-order it here.


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