Kito Jempere: 1985 Mixtape

Kito Jempere:1985

A Year in Music Mixtape

St Petersburg-based producer and DJ Kirill Sergeev, aka Kito Jempere, is next in line to contribute a mix to La.Ga.Sta’s ongoing series of mixtapes based on our co-drivers favourite year in music. Our beloved producer “drives through” his favourite year, 1985, and delivers a sublime 64-minute mixtape full of ’80s Russian tracks that’s perfect for your next car ride. Play it loud, and ride with us.

In his own words: “I picked the year me and my wife were born. As Russian kid some music came to us later, so I even remember the sound of music I played here. This mix is full dedication also: it begins with Aquarium and ends with Kino — all in between is pure ’80s love and a love letter to my darling Nastya, who is celebrating her birthday today. Love you my girl.


01. Аквариум/Aquarium — Подводная/Underwater
02. Karunesh — Sounds of The Heart I
03. Maurice Jarre — Rachel and Book (Love Theme)
04. Эдуард Артемьев/Eduard Artemiev — Прощание/Farewell
05. Patrick O’Hearn — Ancient Dreams
06. Eric Serra — Subway
07. Elisa Waut — Russia
08. Gary Chang — Dream Montage
09. Patrick O’Hearn — Malevolent Landscape
10. Pulp — Blue Glow
11. Tango — Conputerized Love
12. Lame — You’ve Got The Night
13. Keith Forsey — Love Theme
14. Cluster & Brian Eno — Broken Head
15. Телевизор/Televisor — С Вами Говорит Телевизор/TV is Talking to You (Kito Jempere Edit)
16. Эдуард Артемьев/Eduard Artemiev — Рождение Земли/The Birth of The Earth
17. David Lange — Stardate 342.1
18. Кино/Kino — Музыка Волн/Music of the Waves

Artwork: Monoscopic


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