A Year in Music Mixtape | Cantor: 1984

A Year in Music Mixtape

Cantor: 1984

Artwork: Monoscopic

Next in line on our “A Year in Music Mixtape” series, based on our co-drivers favourite year in music, is California based producer, musician, and DJ Cantor, who also runs his own label Underground Pacific and has already graced us with a series of quality releases on labels such as Correspondant and Nothing is Real.

Our beloved producer “drives through” his favourite year, 1984, and delivers a sublime 60-minute mixtape full of classic tracks from that year. From Frankie Goes To Hollywood to New Order, and from Eurythmics to Herbie Hancock, Cantor’s “1984” mixtape is a ride to remember and it brings back so many memories.

In his own words: “1984 was a special one for me, for different reasons: political, musical, emotional. I was 12 years old and I remember so much about that year. My mixtape has been influenced by those different perspectives of course (political, musical, emotional). In the ’80s we had many circumstances that I think are very actual nowadays: wars and dictatorships in different part of the world, East and West cold conflict, the Big Brother (and Illuminati conspiracy theories ) myth, a sensation of insecurity and lack of freedom. Music can speak about all of that.”

Enjoy the ride.


01. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Annihilation (TWO TRIBES 1984, ZTT Produced by Trevor Horn)
02. Eurythmics – Sexcrime (Extended Mix) [1984, Virgin Records]
03. New Order – Confusion (Instrumental) [YW-7419-AX Japan 1984, Factory Columbia]
04. Yazoo – State Farm (Disco mix) [1983 Mute Records (Cheat! But I love it!)]
05. Gaznevada – Ticket To Los Angeles (Olympic Version) [1984 Expanded Music, MXM Musica Ex Machina]
06. Telex – The Voice (1984 Wea Musik GMBH)
07. Jesse Saunders – 119 (1984 Jes Say Records)
08. Herbie Hancock – Rockit (Long Version) [1984, CBS]
09. Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix) [1984 FAC108, Factory]
10. Time Zone ‎– World Destruction (Afika Bambaataa, Bill Laswell, John Lydon) [1984 Virgin]
11. The Human League – The Lebanon (Hysteria) [1984 Virgin]
12. Simple Minds – Shake Off The Ghosts (Sparkle In The Rain) [1984 Virgin]
13. Spacemen 3 – Walk with Jesus (To All Fucked-Up Children Of This World We Give You Spacemen3) [1984 Demo Recording]


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