Kauf: “Limestone” Video

“Limestone” Video

Directed by Thomas Taugher.

Fresh off the release of his superb debut album “Regrowth”, Los Angeles-based electronic singer-songwriter Ronald Kaufman, aka Kauf, has shared a new video, mostly shot in black and white, for his latest single “Limestone”.

Speaking about the video, Kauf says, “The concept for the video was fairly simple – we wanted the main romantic couple to be very still for most of the shots, while we projected more turbulent, organic imagery over them to reflect their internal states.‘Limestone’ is basically the ballad of the album, so I thought it was appropriate to sing directly to the viewer and try to make the performance more vulnerable than anything I’ve done before. And since the track is about not being fully honest in a relationship, it felt like I was confronting that head on, in some way.”

Kauf’s debut album “Regrowth” is out now. Buy it here.


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