Kasper Bjørke: “Rush” (feat. Tobias Buch) Video

Kasper Bjørke: “Rush” (feat. Tobias Buch) Video

Copenhagen-based producer/DJ Kasper Bjørke has shared the video for his new single “Rush”, a sultry slow jam featuring vocals from LA-based singer Tobias Buch, aka Red Baron, who made his debut as feature vocalist with the single “From Inside” by DJ Kaos, released back in 2011 via DFA.

“Rush” is the first single from Kasper Bjørke’s forthcoming new album, tentatively titled “After Forever”, which is set to arrive this fall via HFN music. The “Rush” remix package, including treatments by the likes of Brynjolfur, Abstraxion, and Pink Skull, will drop on May 5th. You can preview the whole thing here.

Directed by Rasmus Weng Karlsen.


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