Jackson And His Computerband: “Memory” Video

Jackson And His Computerband: “Memory” Video

Parisian producer Jackson Fourgeaud, aka Jackson And His Computerband, has unveiled this great video for his latest single “Memory”, which was directed by So Me, the former art director of Ed Banger Records. “Something that struck me straight away, was that despite the modernity of Jackson’s music or his avant-garde skills, there was an intemporal quality to this tune. I remember thinking of the Beach Boys or other cult pop composers. That’s probably why I decided to set up this video in a place that’s timeless, New York City, and to not give visual clues of what year or period it is exactly set, hence why I shot with black and white 16mm film,” says So Me.

“Memory” appears on Jackson And His Computerband’s second album “Glow”, released last year via Warp Records.


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