Jaakko Eino Kalevi: “Emotions in Motion” Video

Jaakko Eino Kalevi: “Emotions in Motion” Video


Shot in Paris on 35mm and 16mm film.

Directed by visual artist Ieva Kabasinskaite.

Finnish electronic musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi returns with a new album, entitled “Out Of Touch”, which marks his second LP for Domino’s sub-label Weird World. The new 10-track record follows 2015’s self-titled album and Jaakko’s synth act Man Duo debut album “Orbit”, released last year.

Drawing inspiration from time spent in Athens, on “Out of Touch” the Finnish songwriter broadens his horizons while focusing on his inner self. “Everyone knows the meaning of out of touch and it usually has negative connotations, such as lacking the latest information,” he says. “But to be out of touch can be the most ideal state.” Written and produced by Jaakko Eino Kalevi in 2017 in studios in Helsinki and Berlin, where he lives, these ten new songs are among the richest he has composed. He also plays every instrument on the album, including the gliding lines of saxophone that lace the record’s lush grooves.

Our first taste from the forthcoming record comes in the form of “Emotions in Motion”. The video for the track was shot in Paris on 35mm and 16mm film.

Speaking about the video, Kabasinskaite says: “The ‘Emotions In Motion’ video is inspired by the techniques used by smugglers of counterfeit luxury goods. In the video, Jaakko Eino Kalevi plays someone who is well-versed in these techniques and we see him going through these meticulous procedures. Through a bizarre visual complicity between the organic containers and their opulent content, the value of these things, as well as where they come from, is being questioned.”

Jaakko adds: “We shot the first part of the video in a busy market in Belleville. I thought I would’ve been more nervous about shooting among people but in the end I wasn’t. I wanted to buy a tracksuit but after the shoot the seller had disappeared.”

The album “Out Of Touch” arrives on October 12th on Weird World. Pre-order it here.


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