Italians Do It Better: After Dark (Remastered)

Italians Do It Better: After Dark (Remastered)

“After Dark 2” is “finally right around the corner”. Ahead of its upcoming release on the ever-excellent Italians Do It Better, Johnny Jewel is giving away a remastered version of the original 2007 compilation, containing “77 minutes of analog electronic music mutating through Italo Disco, Krautrock, Electro, Giallo Cinema, & Pop”. Download the fully remastered version of the first “After Dark” below. Timeless.

Glass Candy / Rolling Down The Hills (3:32) 

Chromatics / Hands In The Dark (4:48) 

Mirage / Last Nite A Dj Saved My Life (6:42) 

Mirage / Lady Operator (5:37) 

Glass Candy / Computer Love (5:37) 

Professor Genius / La Grotta (6:33) 

Chromatics / Killing Spree (1:19) 

Farah / Law Of Life (7:28) 

Chromatics / In The City (7:09) 

Glass Candy / Miss Broadway (6:46)
Featuring Nat Walker / Saxophone & Eyvind Kang / Strings

Mirage / Lake Of Dreams (9:26) 

Farah / Dancing Girls (5:36) 

Glass Candy / The Chameleon (4:55) 

Professor Genius / Pegaso (2:44) 

Download here


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