Flight Facilities






Get ready to take off. 

This the final call for flight 0145 to Syndey. We jump on board with Flight Facilities, wearing T-shirts ‘Crave You’. From the speakers we can hear the captain’s words, followed by electro disco beats. Enjoy the flight…

How did you choose the name Flight Facilities?

One of us had a grandfather who owned a company by the same name. It had the same logo too. But it wasn’t a musical project. It was a regional airline. It was also partnered with a search and rescue company. It all disappeared sometime in the 90s when he passed away so we thought the name and image were too good to leave behind. Hopefully it can maintain the same good reputation.

Can you fly a plane?

Not legally. But one of us can. A few times. The same flight company in the 90s obviously had a plane or two so it just became like your crazy grandfather letting you drive the car…. in the sky.

There’s a lot of mystery around your true identities. Why all this secrecy?

Because today, everyone identifies with the artists themselves. It’s a big step for someone to start listening to and enjoying a new musician or group. We just wanted people to enjoy our music for what it was before they found out who we were and judged it based on that. We both love thinking Daft Punk are a couple of robots. It adds another dimension to the music.

What kind of…flight facilities do you offer?

Right now we can offer some hand luggage, a half full bottle of water, some duty free alcohol and a muffin. We’re actually sitting in the airport on our way to DJ Beni’s wedding.

What are you craving the most?

Some sleeping pills for the way home. And maybe a cheap T-shirt manufacturer to make some FF shirts to give out to everyone.

What turns you on?

Stewardesses. That might sound like a typical answer for us…but seriously. Stewardesses.

What is missing from the dance music scene in nowadays?

The dance music scene has lost a bit of direction recently. There are more new artists making better music than ever but there doesn’t seem to be that current super power that always used to exist. For example there was the Justice wave and the Soulwax stronghold but no one as of now has become the new huge thing. Not to say that those guys aren’t incredible. They were responsible for some pretty good nights on the dance floor. If anything we think Aeroplane has started a good thing with their monthly mixtapes, showing a strong direction and giving all the djs and party people some more good, new music. That’s what it’s really all about.

What are your plans for the rest of 2010?

Well we’re going to be working with Louie Austen on our next original in the next few days. If we get it all right, we’ll have that finished and released later this year. Otherwise we’ve finished a remix of James Curd’s ‘Got To Have’. We also did a remix collaboration with a friend of ours, Tim Fuchs. That’s a remix of ‘Miami’ by Foals. Also in our computer we have a remix of Like Woah!, aka Ted & Francis. So we think we have enough ammunition to get us through the rest of the year. Unless everyone hates everything we put out, in which case we better get busy…or busier.

Can you recommend 3 albums that everybody should listen to?

‘Sexuality’ by Sebastian Tellier. We can listen to that end to end any day. It’s unbelievable.
‘Destroy Rock ‘n’ Roll’ by Mylo. That was the dance music Bible. So many incredible musical dance tracks. Nothing stupid and noisy.
‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. We doubt there is anyone who hasn’t heard this. Doesn’t stop it from being one of the best albums ever.

Which is your favourite destination?

We haven’t travelled enough to know yet. You might have to ask us that question again in a year. We’ve got a lot of places we need to see first.

In which flight do you think your music fits best?

A long haul. We seem to have an inability to write anything less than 6 minutes long. It’s only fitting that our long music should fit with a long flight. Even though the short flights are much easier to deal with. Maybe that’s why pop music is pop music.

Which song do you love to listen to while driving your car?

‘Drive Your Car’ by Grovesnor or ‘1979’ by The Smashing Pumpkins. We also like to do both those things. Maybe we should make the ultimate driving song: ‘Smashing Pumpkins while we drive your car in 1979 with Grovesnor’.

Do you have something to declare?

Not yet. We’re the new guys. We’re still trying to keep a low profile until a few more people jump on board. (Sounds like the answer of two guys with drugs in their ass, right?)


As a bonus, you can grab a free download of Aeroplane’s rework of their 2008 remix of Friendly Fires’ “Paris” with “Crave You”. Enjoy the ride.


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