Hercules And Love Affair: “Release Me”

Hercules And Love Affair: “Release Me”

A few weeks ago, we posted Andy Butler and Mark Pistel’s take on Hercules and Love Affair brand new track “Release Me”, one of the exclusive tracks on their upcoming “DJ-Kicks” mix. Here we have the original version of “Release Me”, featuring the vocals from LA DJ Whitney Fierce, for your listening pleasure. “This song lies somewhere between Stock Aitken and Waterman and Manchester’s Hacienda sound, while Whitney sounds very Bananarama on it. Mark Pistel busted out his E- Max on this recording with some original samples he compiled in 91, so that made us all dance in the studio”, says Andy Butler. Give it a spin above. We like it!

Hercules And Love Affair’s “DJ-Kicks” drops on October 29th via !K7.

mpFree: Hercules And Love Affair: “Release Me” [Andrew Butler and Mark Pistel Remix]


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